Our Values

What guides us, our vision and decision making

Hands Up

Grow Together

The Spirit of Partnership is critical for a company like ours. We rely on our restaurants utilizing our technology to grow, we rely on our technology partners to both identify the restaurants to work with and to enable the interface to be as seamless as possible and then we rely on ourselves to be able to foster those relationships and demonstrate drive and determination to help those relationships, the growth of our partnerships and our bottom line to grow too. 


We see the power of partnerships and helping restaurants succeed by partnering with those that share similar values and similar levels of commitment to growth and capability empowerment. 

Preserve Trust

We don’t take for granted the trust that is placed in us by our team members, our partners, and our restaurants. Doing something new, on the front end of innovation involves risk and we strive to do everything we can to demonstrate gratitude for the trust those parties have placed in us and commit to return to them everything in our power to deliver what we say we can.


Simplify Complexity

We strive to make the way we work, from our technology to the way in which we engage with our partners as simple as possible. Demystifying technology and its utilization is critical to truly integrating the value it can bring to a restaurant’s ecosystem.

Doing the Right Thing

We don’t believe in working with those that have alternative agendas misaligned with our values and our mission to help restaurants. We choose to recruit, partner and work with those that believe in the future of our industry with the spirit of hospitality surging through our veins and shining the path of how to conduct, behave and demonstrate respect for the role we play in shaping our path.

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Image by Noah Windler

Never settle

We seek to improve continuously. We demand the best of ourselves and strive to provide it to those the count on us every single day. We strive to innovate, be bold and make mistakes - all in the pursuit of having the best possible solutions for our clients and partners and to demonstrate that they can count on us to be pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the right kind of vision & freedom to think ‘what if’?