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Today it all Clicked

dynamic pricing for restaurants

Bringing new technology to market feels a lot like putting a puzzle together. You have to find all the right pieces to make it work and the first several months is spent figuring out how to make that happen. The cool thing is, there's more than one way to put that puzzle together.

Now that we are raising funds, it gets real. I don't want to take anyone's money unless I feel confident that there is a clear path to building the product, launching it and seeing results. What will those results be? That's the magic question. But the restaurant business is note run on agile seamlessly connected systems. So to introduce new technology requires alignment on many fronts. The restaurants who want to be a part of the roll out have to be using technology providers that are not only willing to partner with you, but they have to be technologically capable of doing what you need them to do. More importantly they have to have the technical bandwidth to make it happen.

After several months and many conversations with restaurants, technology providers, and industry experts, today it finally all clicked. I knew we were close. But we now have a clear path to launching and testing, a key milestone for JUICER, so now it's full speed ahead!

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