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Restaurant Dynamic Pricing Comes in Many Forms

There are all sorts of ways to use dynamic pricing in the restaurant industry not only to increase revenue, but to smooth out demand patterns. Here at JUICER, we love finding forward-thinking restaurants that are trying new things to engage with customers and to either draw in more business during slower periods, or to increase revenue during busy periods.

We recently came across this promotion at Spris Artisan Pizza in South Miami, part of Graspa Group. The promotion, called "Beat the Clock", charges the customer a different price based on the exact time they place their order. Place your order at 5:30pm, and you pay only $5.30 for your pizza. Place your order at 6:45pm and pay $6.45 and so on. The menu price for the Margherita pizza is $12 and for the Diavola, it's $14, so this is quite a significant discount.

What we love about this promotion:

  1. It's gamification at it's finest.

  2. The difference between the lowest price and the highest price of the promotion is only $1.50, but the perception of value is strong.

  3. The concept is simple to explain and for the customer to understand

  4. Incorporation of digital menus and the use of phones for easy online ordering

Congratulations to Graziano Sbroggio and the Spris Artisan Pizza Team for thinking outside the pizza box and for using digital technology to implement clever dynamic pricing. Follow JUICER for more examples and to read about our journey as we help the restaurant industry recovery.

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