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Meredith Sandland Suggests Dynamic Pricing as an Effective Method to Keep Restaurants Profitable

During the first segment of The Monday Minute, Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn, authors of "Delivering the Digital Restaurant", discuss the recent Wall Street Journal headline that some restaurants may be switching off 3rd parties. Sandland suggests that the headline is more extreme than reality, but recognizes that restaurants do switch off delivery during peak times so that they can focus on the customers in the restaurant.

Sandland suggests that this is not the best way to deal with the current scenario facing restaurants which includes pent up demand from consumers that want to eat in the restaurant, but not enough restaurants opening for on-site dining. At the same time restaurants have experienced tremendous growth for customers who want to eat off-premise. With the landscape shifting quickly, restaurant revenues are under significant pressure with having to pay commissions to 3rd parties, combined with rising food and labor costs.

Sandland suggests that "restaurants will start to design for this new world, changing around how their kitchens are laid out... opening up ghost kitchens that focus more specifically on off-premise consumption, and utilizing things like kitchen automation and dynamic pricing to increase the output capacity of the kitchen and also gate demand during those very peak busy times."

Watch the conversation with Carl Orsbourn and Meredith Sandland, authors of "Delivering the Digital Restaurant" below:

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