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JUICER Welcomes Marco Benvenuti to the Team

Assembling a stellar team of people to lead JUICER forward from day 1 is a privilege that I've never experienced before. Last time I launched a business, I had to wait until I had enough revenue before starting to slowly build a team one year later. I am quickly learning the benefits of launching a business with partners that have built billion dollar businesses before, and with access to capital. Very different from bootstrapping.

JUICER has to be done right from the very beginning. Restaurants do not have revenue managers as airlines and hotels do. That means that JUICER will work in the background on autopilot and it has to be so good that clients never have to worry about whether it is having any negative effect on their business. This requires a great deal of trust and we will only have one chance to get it right. For that, we need the best person to build our dynamic pricing algorithms. Enter Marco Benvenuti.

After completing his Masters of management in Hospitality at Cornell University, Marco worked for some of the most prominent hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip including Harrah's and Wynn. In 2012 he co-founded Duetto and designed the dynamic pricing algorithms behind what is now one of the most successful hotel revenue management software companies out there. I feel truly humbled to be surrounded by the talent on this team.

With this news our fundraising efforts kick into high gear and the investor presentations were completed and sent out over the weekend. The interest in our funding round has been very strong and it's an extremely exciting moment for this young company. Thank you for following and supporting our journey as we continue to build a valuable company that is helping an industry survive and recover from its greatest crisis in recent history.

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