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Juicer Inc.

Contact: Carina Martins

Phone Number: 800 515 2063



July 26, 2023

San Francisco, CA, July 2023 – JUICER, the restaurant digital sales optimization company, today announced the launch of a new product called Enlighten: a consumer facing widget for restaurant websites that highlights the cost-savings consumers can enjoy by ordering direct on restaurant websites. The company, which has quickly gained recognition as the leading data-driven pricing solution for restaurant digital menus, will launch the product with its customers in Q4 2023.

“This idea was born at a conference lunch table in early May where we heard restaurant brands voice their frustration about their inability to convert 3rd party customers into direct customers,” said Ashwin Kamlani, JUICER’s Co-Founder & CEO. “We believe that most consumers don’t know about how much they could save by ordering direct, and if the industry comes together to educate the consumer it could initiate a wave of change in consumer behavior.”

The launch of JUICER Enlighten is timely given that restaurant pricing on 3rd party delivery websites has been widely discussed lately, particularly with DoorDash asking restaurants for price parity. Still, the majority of restaurants offer significant savings for direct orders. Many restaurants have resorted to including paper-based messages to consumers inserted into 3rd party delivery orders in an attempt to educate them about how much they could have saved by ordering direct. JUICER Enlighten is a digital version of this common practice, making it powerful and scalable.

JUICER plans to offer Enlighten at a very low cost so that the technology gains widespread adoption.

Visit for more information.

JUICER offers solutions that optimize sales and profits for restaurants. Founded by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and executives from the hospitality and restaurant industries, the company has quickly gained recognition as the leader in data-driven pricing for digital menus. JUICER is committed to developing solutions to help the restaurant industry maximize e-commerce sales. Write to or call 800 515 2063 for inquiries.

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