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JUICER welcomes Carl Orsbourn as co-founder & COO

SAN FRANCISCO, California, Aug. 3rd, 2022

JUICER Inc., the leader in dynamic pricing for restaurants, announced today that industry advocate and evangelist Carl Orsbourn has joined as Chief Operating Officer. Orsbourn, a global retail executive whose experience spans blue-chip companies (BP-owned ampm), disruptive start-up ventures (Kitchen United), and restaurants (Alfa Co) is also the co-author of the best-selling book “Delivering the Digital Restaurant.

Orsbourn has been recognized as a Power Player by Nation’s Restaurant News and Business Insider for his thought leadership in supporting restaurants to adapt to the challenges and opportunities offered through digitization, technology, and automation, and his book has been lauded for its in-depth coverage of the complex restaurant technology landscape.

JUICER is bringing dynamic pricing to the restaurant industry. Carl Orsbourn is a co-founding team member alongside Drew Patterson (Kayak), Ashwin Kamlani (Regatta Travel Solutions), and Marco Benvenuti (Duetto). In his role as COO, Orsbourn will lead operations, partnerships, business development, and customer success.

"Dynamic Pricing represents an exciting new wave of innovation that will help restaurants optimize top-line revenues and enhance margin capture across multiple channels. The team at JUICER is a key reason I'm here - accomplished entrepreneurs with a proven track record, pricing experts with proven algorithmic intelligence from other verticals, the best data science team, and investors who know this industry inside out, like Kat Cole and Andy Pforzheimer. We are ready and excited to make a big impression on our restaurant clients and those intrigued to learn more." said Orsbourn.

Ashwin Kamlani, Co-Founder and CEO of JUICER, said, "We are thrilled to have Carl join our team. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge, and more importantly, he thinks about everything with a customer-first approach which is very important to us. Dynamic pricing can significantly impact a restaurant’s bottom line. Still, restaurants must trust the team handling such an important aspect of their business to balance increasing profits with preserving the customer experience."

About JUICER: JUICER is bringing dynamic pricing to the restaurant industry. Together with their customers who operate more than 4,000 restaurants across the United States, Europe, Middle East, and APAC, JUICER is applying machine learning algorithms to help restaurants optimize their digital menu pricing. Restaurants can boost profitability and improve the customer experience with JUICER’s automated price recommendation engine, which analyzes millions of data points from internal and external data sets. Visit for more information.

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