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Announcing the official launch of JUICER

Updated: Feb 26

A few months ago, I received an email from Drew Patterson that would change my life forever. "I've got an idea that I'm hoping someone gets excited about and builds," he said. Drew was chatting with a friend of his at LinkedIn about finding this 'someone' and she recommended that he reach out to me.

Drew explained to me that he felt the time was right to bring dynamic pricing (a common practice among airlines and hotels) to the restaurant industry. He had recently gone out to a restaurant with his family and realized that the menus were now digital thanks to the efforts to make things contactless as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

I loved the idea and it's definitely something I had considered in the past. But I think Drew was on to something and that the timing to introduce this was perfect.

  1. The restaurant industry had been crushed because of Covid.

  2. The industry was struggling with the growth of 3rd party delivery companies, which came with commissions to be paid.

  3. Restaurants suddenly had to figure out how to deal with a new level of technological complexity that sucked time and energy from their staff.

  4. Speaking of staff, both hotels and restaurants were suffering from a severe labor shortage.

It only took me a day or two to realize that this was going to be the next chapter of my professional career. The idea was too good and the timing felt just right. I immediately jumped in, started networking, researching and laying the foundation for what would soon become JUICER. We are introducing effortless dynamic pricing to the restaurant industry. Join us as we bring a much needed practice and technology to an industry that we all know and love, but is in desperate need of a lifeline.

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