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JUICER offers solutions that help restaurants effortlessly optimize digital sales

JUICER Enlighten:

One of our new JUICER Enlighten customers astutely observed that "The restaurant industry is great at giving the consumer better value for ordering direct, but we're terrible at taking credit for it."  We couldn't agree more.  That's why we're introducing JUICER Enlighten: A consumer-facing widget for restaurant brand websites that educates the consumer about the cost-savings for ordering direct.

JUICER Enlighten Website.png

JUICER Enlighten is slated for launch in Q4 2023, and we are offering this new technology to any restaurant group with a minimum of 20 locations at a deep discount if you sign a contract by September 30, 2023.  Implementation will be extremely simple, as it is a simple script that can be dropped into your website.  Colors will be customized to match your branding.  The more restaurants that participate, the more we can all work together to educate consumers that they can save by ordering direct.  Contact us today to join this important initiative, and reserve your spot for launch starting in Q4.

JUICER Pricing:

JUICER offers automated data-driven pricing for digital menus.  We use proven data science to determine the optimal price, per menu item, per location, per channel, for any given time.  Our solution automates every aspect of your menu pricing on digital menus allowing your staff to focus on providing better food quality and service.  JUICER Pricing is ideal for restaurant groups and franchisees with 20 locations or more, and at least USD $20,000 or more per month in off-premise business.  3rd party delivery companies charge consumers more when they're busy.  Why shouldn't you?

Juicer April Dashboard.jpg

JUICER will automatically analyze the sales history and develop a new optimized pricing strategy.  We then implement that strategy into your Point of Sale system, monitor ongoing sales, and adjust pricing based on performance.

JUICER will:
- Set the exact price on each menu item to drive sales on 3rd party platforms instead of using a simple flat percentage across the board.
- Determine how to price on your own direct 1st party channel to drive more direct orders.
- Plan, execute and measure the success of offers and promotions.

Best of all, JUICER Pricing requires very little time commitment from you and your team.  Contact us today to find out about our performance guarantee.



We are our own people.  Each of us has a unique story that brings different attributes to the table.  The combination of these strengths is what gives us the ability to help one of the most pervasive industries reach a level of innovation and prosperity never seen before.  

At Juicer, we vow to work with our colleagues and partners with our ears wide open until we understand the nuances of what drives you and your business. We invite you to join us on this journey and be part of something that will change the restaurant industry and the way you do business forever. 



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The spirit of partnership is critical for a company like ours. We rely on our restaurants utilizing our technology to grow, we rely on our technology partners to both identify the restaurants to work with and to enable the interface to be as seamless as possible, and then we rely on ourselves to be able to foster those relationships and demonstrate drive and determination to help those relationships, foster our partnerships and grow our bottom line.


We believe in the power of our partnerships and understand that by working with those that share similar values and similar levels of commitment to growth, capability and empowerment — we can help restaurants succeed.

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We don’t take for granted the trust that is placed in us by our team members, our partners, and our restaurants. Doing something new, on the front end of innovation involves risk and we strive to do everything we can to demonstrate gratitude for the trust those parties have placed in us and commit to return to them everything in our power to deliver what we say we can.


From our technology to the way in which we engage with our partners, we strive to make the way we work as simple as possible. Demystifying technology and its utilization are critical to truly integrating the value they can bring to a restaurant’s ecosystem.

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We believe in working with those that have shared agendas aligned with our values and our mission to help restaurants. We choose to recruit, partner and work with those that believe in the future of our industry with the same spirit of hospitality surging through our veins, with uncompromising conduct, that is demonstrated by the respect for the role we play in shaping our future.


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We seek to improve continuously. We demand the best of ourselves and strive to provide it to those who count on us every single day. We strive to innovate, to be bold and to pick ourselves up when we make mistakes — all in the pursuit of producing the best possible solutions for our clients and partners , and demonstrate that they can count on us to push the boundaries of what is possible with the right kind of vision and freedom to think ‘what if’?


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Drew was the Founder and CEO of Jetsetter and one of Kayak's founding members, bringing two decades of experience as an entrepreneur. Starting his career in hospitality as director of pricing at Starwood, he saw the opportunity to apply his experience to the restaurant industry.




Ashwin has 20 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur and travel industry executive.  He has built his career finding ways for hotels to increase their direct revenue and profitability.  His company, Regatta Travel Solutions, became the industry's most innovative reservations platform prior to its acquisition in 2016.  Now he has turned is attention to the restaurant industry.  




Best-selling author of "Delivering the Digital Restaurant," Carl is a global retail executive and board member whose experience spans blue-chip companies (Head of Retail at BP-owned ampm), disruptive start-up ventures (VP Operations—Kitchen United), and restaurants (Alfa Co). Carl has been recognized as a Power Player by Nations Restaurant News & Business Insider for his thought leadership in supporting restaurants.




Marco began his career at Expedia and then worked for major Las Vegas resorts like Harrah's Entertainment and Wynn Las Vegas & Encore. In 2010 he co-founded Duetto which has become one of the most successful and innovative revenue management software solutions in the hotel industry. Marco served in many roles with Duetto from Chief Product Officer, to Marketing and Strategy.

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