Our Story

JUICER is introducing effortless dynamic pricing to restaurants, virtual brands and ghost kitchens. 

Restaurants are facing an existential crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic. An industry that has been largely resistant to technological innovation has been suddenly thrust into a digital world where a significant portion of their business no relies on online ordering and delivery.  But while 3rd party delivery companies (which are technology companies at their core) are intelligently increasing delivery fees during periods of peak demand, restaurants are leaving money on the table by using digital menus with static pricing and delivery fees.

JUICER was founded by hotel industry veterans Drew Patterson (founding team of Kayak) and Ashwin Kamlani (founder of Regatta Travel Solutions). Drew and Ashwin played key roles in helping the hotel industry navigate the challenging recovery after the events 9/11/2001.  Restaurants are now facing rising labor and food cost, in addition to commissions charged by new 3rd party distribution channels (delivery), just as hotels did 20 years ago.

In December 2021, JUICER announced that Marco Benvenuti, the dynamic pricing guru who co-founded Duetto had joined the team to lead the product strategy.  This was a pivotal moment for the company as we recognized the importance of building an intelligent and dependable system that could work in the background to increase restaurant revenue and profit, so that operators can focus on what matters most.


JUICER exists to help restaurants, virtual brands, and ghost kitchens increase profitability without lifting a finger.

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