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What is Precision Pricing?

JUICER uses multiple internal and external data sources to calculate the optimal price per menu item, per channel to increase profitability while preserving customer loyalty.


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Drew Patterson

Executive Chairman

restaurant revenue management

Ashwin Kamlani

Chief Executive Officer

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Marco Benvenuti

Chief Product Officer


About Us

Juicer provides precision pricing for restaurants, virtual brands and ghost kitchens.


With so much data available today, restaurants should no longer be guessing what their menu prices should be.  Dramatic 20% to 30% increases in price across the board to offset inflation is not good for the consumer or for sales.  JUICER uses machine learning to analyze multiple data sources from inside and outside the restaurant to determine the ideal price, per menu item, per channel, at any given time, in order to maximize sales and profitability.


Covid has accelerated the use of digital menus. It has also forced restaurants to depend on third party delivery companies which charge high commissions.  Meanwhile, consumers have learned that the convenience of restaurant delivery has a price, and that 3rd party delivery fee can fluctuate depending on what day and time they order.  Without the ability to calculate the optimal price for each item for each channel, restaurants are leaving money on the table.

JUICER works quietly in the background, integrating with existing restaurant systems to implement the right price for the right customer at the right time, while preserving demand patterns and customer loyalty.

"You are on to something, and the timing is perfect."


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