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The pandemic has changed consumer behavior and expectations. They are willing to pay more for timing and convenience. Juicer uses machine learning to test price elasticity and implement micro-price adjustments to delivery fees and specific menu items. The result is a boost in restaurant revenue and profit.


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Marco Benvenuti

Technical Co-Founder


About Us

Juicer provides dynamic pricing for restaurants, virtual brands and ghost kitchens.

Covid has accelerated the use of digital menus. It has also forced restaurants to depend on third party delivery companies. Those companies are yielding delivery fees during periods of peak demand. Consumers have learned that the convenience of restaurant delivery has a price, and that price can fluctuate. But restaurants do not have the capability to optimize delivery fees or menu pricing to take advantage of this emerging trend.

Labor and food costs are rising. Restaurants are understaffed. The sudden reliance on new distribution channels has created unprecedented operational complexity with core systems that do not communicate with each other.  Restaurants need new technology that will help increase revenue and profit with little to no effort.

Juicer works quietly in the background integrating with restaurant systems to test price elasticity and implement the right price for the right customer at the right time, while preserving demand patterns and customer loyalty.

"You are on to something, and the timing is perfect."


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